Types of Writing to Earn Money Online in 2021

Did you know that there are more than 30 types of writing, broadly? It is 2021 and it is wise to say that writers are still in great demand.  You can easily earn some extra cash online by working on various types of writing. But the only problem with writing is that most of us don’t know what to write. We assume writing jobs include writing long novels that demand months or years of hard work as well as work experience. In reality, writing jobs are pretty simple if you actually enjoy writing.  You do not always have to write novels and give too much time to writing a piece. You can peacefully write in your free time and take the workload as per your own choice. You can also make writing jobs your main source of income if you choose to spend hours writing.  You could earn a fortune from writing jobs posted online if you can find out the type of writing you prefer.

This article is all about writing and its related money-making opportunities. Keep reading to know more.

What is Freelance Writing?

Freelance writing is the art of writing to make money by not being associated with any organization or huge company and in fact, being self-employed.  Freelance Writers have to deliver a write-up based on their client’s need. They can write on any topic starting from automobiles to textual facts or can even specialize in one particular field such as culinary arts.  

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Advantages of Freelance Writing:

  • Flexible work hours
  • Work from home opportunities are common
  • Decent rates of income even for newbies
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Work on a diverse range of projects
  • Build experience

Disadvantages of Freelance Writing:

  • High Competition
  • Work load and payment could vary every month
  • Less stability and certainty
  • Demands trending knowledge and skills

How to Earn Money with Freelance Writing in 2021?

Some freelance writers make a full-time earning from freelance gigs whereas there are others who are still struggling to find decent freelance opportunities even after years of writing. There is a lot to focus on when it comes to freelancing. If you want to make some serious money, we suggest you read this article till the end cause we are going to cover every aspect of freelance writing. 

types of writing

To earn money with Freelance Writing in 2021, you need to :

  1. Diversify your Source of Income

Start a blog and market yourself. To land on good freelancing gigs you need to first create your own brand. If you are a newbie, you can start by registering yourself on UpWork or Freelancer. You will find many online writing jobs posted on their website that will earn you a couple of dollars. You can slowly start working on your own blogs and even start affiliate marketing through your posts. People will see a version of you that you want them to see. You will have a better chance of begging good projects with the help of your own blog. So always remember to give some extra time to your About me or Hire Me page. Let people know that you are open to new projects. 

Personal blogs have also helped freelance writers to thrive in off seasons when there’s not much work to do. Create content that you can monetize and make money from. You can also try writing e-books and creating other digital products. 

  1. Select a Niche

Any freelancing job offers high competition. Select a particular niche and write about it. It will eliminate a good amount of competition and help you grow as a writer. Good brands and officials also give more preference to writers who have work experience in a particular niche. We recommend you do some research and choose a niche that you are passionate about. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself by writing on topics that do not interest you at all. Figure out the type of writing you enjoy. If you don’t know it yet, continue to read as we will be talking about all types of writing that will help you make money in 2021.

  1. Know your Clients

No matter how profitable your niche is, the amount you will earn for each article that you submit will depend on the type of client you are dealing with. It is very important that you sort out the kind of client you need to work with to make a specific amount of money. There are several types of clients :

  • B2B Companies
  • Start-ups
  • Tech Companies
  • Actors
  • Small businesses
  • Doctors
  • Magazines
  • Brands
  • And so much more.

It is observed through facts that clients such as established B2B companies who are willing to invest more in blogs and other marketing tactics are willing to pay writers more than new companies or start-ups that are still focusing more on their production costs. It means that you need to focus on pitching your work to those clients who are ready to invest in writing more than others. This will help you earn more monthly. You will also have to improve your writing to finalize your deal with such clients. If you are all for the writing game, read more and write more. Create samples that you can pitch. Make your blog attractive with quality content around your niche.

  1. Use Social Media

Never underestimate the power of Social media. It is important to connect to your potential clients and readers. Follow people who may be helpful to you in the future. Comment and like their posts. Try building a relationship that will count later. Try enhancing your presence in front of your followers by posting regularly. You might also earn a sponsorship from a brand related to your niche, you never know!

What are the Different Types of Writing?

There are many different types of Writing in 2021. Different clients demand different work from freelance writers. Read till the end of this blog to find out the most in-demand types of freelance writing.

  1. Blog Writing

Blog writing can be defined as writing an online journal. You can give your opinion on something or share your thoughts with the entire world.  This type of writing has proven to be one of the best means of earning a full-time living. We have dedicated many articles to Blog writing and it’s advantages. Do spend some time reading those articles once you finish reading this particular blog.

  1. News Writing

As a News Writer, you have to write about important events and incidents. If you are a facts person then this is the job for you. You have to report true incidents and spread accurate information amongst the population. You will receive decent rates for news articles that are based on recent happenings. 

  1. Web Content Writing

A Website Content or Web content writer writes on niche-specific topics related to the website’s theme. The articles are directed towards the targeted audience of the respective website. Rates of income vary with different websites and article lengths.

  1. Technical Writing

Technical Writing includes drafting technical drafts that come in handy in technical and occupational fields such as engineering, computer hardware, and software, chemistry, etc. To become a technical writer you have to pursue a Bachelor’s degree and a technical writer certification. 

  1. Creative Writing

If you love fantasizing and playing with words, creative writing is your type of writing. You will definitely enjoy coming up with creative pieces that will give away a message. However, you will face high competition in this type so you better accumulate excellent writing skills to make good money as a freelance writer doing freelance writing in 2021.

  1. Copywriting

Copywriting is the art of writing for advertising and marketing purposes. Businesses and brands are always in the look for freelance copywriters who can create high-quality content to increase their sales. Freelance Copywriters make an average of $35k –  $65k annually. 

  1. Copy Editing

Copy Editing is the type of writing that makes sure that the idea an article means to portray has been conveyed to its readers correctly. It also ensures correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, terminology, etc in a written piece of article.

  1. Editor

As an Editor, you have to plan, coordinate and revise articles and posts to be published in magazines, books, newspapers, or websites so that it appeals the most to its readers. You will be the person-in-charge of making decisions that will affect the growth of the particular written medium.

  1. Proofreading

Proofreading gigs will require you to read the final draft of a written piece to ensure coherence, consistency, and grammatical accuracy. You will be expected to make any final changes that may be required.

  1. Grant Writing

Grant Writing is the process of writing a formal application called Grant Proposal or Grant Submission to request financial grants from the government or other official institution. To become a grant writer, you must have a Bachelor’s degree in English or a related field.

  1. Proposal Writing

Proposal Writing is the type of writing that demands proper writing of a persuasive document that clearly states the intentions behind a course of action to its readers. You will have to pay attention to details to draft such a formal document to be submitted to officials.

  1. Novelist or Book Writing

This is the most popular type of writing that requires a lot of creativity, hard work, and patience. Authors of novels are rewarded with both money and fame. If you feel you can make it as a novelist, start writing your book today and talk to different Publishers.

  1. Book Editing

An entry-level book editor with less than a year of experience makes around $45k according to statistics.  As the field is comparatively small, book editors face lesser competition and make good money by editing books. It is without any doubt one of the best types of writing with increasing opportunities in 2021.

  1. Screenwriter

A screenwriter writes a screenplay for visual mediums such as films, commercials, video games, etc. A screenwriter can make as low as $25k – $30k per year by doing small projects.

  1. Ghostwriting

A Ghostwriter is a writer who is not credited for the work he or she has done, which may include newsletters, articles, blogs, etc. Beginners receive around $2k – $9k for each book they ghostwrite.

  1. Article Writing

Freelance Article writers are in great demand in 2021. You will find plenty of article writing jobs posted online. The article to be written will focus on a particular topic to be published on a website, magazine, blog, or newspaper.

  1. Press Release Writing

A Press release or a News release is a document considered newsworthy. It is shared with journalists to be published.  The median salary for a Public relations press release writer is $60k.

  1. SEO Writing

SEO Writing is the use of keywords and key phrases in web content to increase organic visibility and SERP rankings. You may learn the skills required from various online courses and get certified to get paid SEO Writing jobs online to make some serious money.

  1. Script Writing

Script Writers have to write storylines in extreme detail for screenplay medium. You have to utilize your creative skills along with your literary skills to make good amounts of money as a scriptwriter. Script Writing is in itself divided into many types.

  1. Course Writing

Many students prefer opting for additional courses to acquire new skills. You will have to write an entire course in detail as a course writer. If you are already a professional teacher, course writing will be a cup of tea for you.

  1. Case Studies

Case studies are specific documents also known as thesis or principle written by thorough research for social, clinical, economical, and business-related research. This is the best type of writing for students pursuing higher studies and professional teachers.

  1. Email Marketing Writing

Email Marketing Writing is the process of writing personalized emails for clients to obtain maximum marketing results. You will basically be a copywriter writing high-quality content for emails

  1. Magazine Writing

Magazine Writing is also journalism but of a different kind. You have to think and research various ideas and write on it a piece to get featured in a magazine. Such writing has also proven to be one of the best types of writing in 2021 that generates good income.

  1. Social Media Writing

Social Media Writing is the art of writing for Social Media Marketing purposes. You will have to create content customized according to your client’s needs. This is one of those types of writing, which is used for marketing purposes as well and provides great opportunities for freelancers.

  1. Real Estate Writing

Real Estate Writing is a lucrative niche that demands experienced real estate agents and property managers to write a detailed description of a real estate property with the main motive to convince a buyer. 

  1. Product Description Writing

As the name suggests, a product description writer has to give an exact description of a product or a goodie to be sold in the market. It offers good earning opportunities to the writers.   

  1. eCommerce Writing

eCommerce Writing is the process of writing engaging content for an eCommerce brand to persuade people to buy their products. Such a type of writing demands excellent writing skills and attention to detail. As a writer, you must keep in mind the targeted audience and write accordingly.

  1. Business Plan Writing

As a business plan writer, you will have to write about business description and structure, executive summary, financial documents, Marketing research and strategies, and many more documents related to the business of a company or a brand. People with a background in business management are given much preference.

  1. Legal Writing

Legal Writing involves writing a memorandum and briefs. You will have to draft a balanced analysis of a legal issue or problem. A legal writer earns up to 35k per month.

  1. Medical Writing 

Medical writing is a demanding niche for freelancers with lots of new opportunities.  You will have to write on various medicinal and clinical aspects and create documents that will come in handy for doctors, nurses, and other medical staff.

  1. Resume Writing

Resume writing is the process of writing a well-detailed resume for a client. You will receive different rates of commissions from different clients. You will find many resume writing jobs posted online.

  1. Quiz Writing

If you are someone who enjoys quizzing around, then this is one of the best types of writing for you. You will be paid generously as a freelancer to create quizzes that people can use in competitions and for other related purposes.

  1. White Paper Writing

White Paper Writing is the process of writing a detailed report on a particular topic or an issue that can be used to educate people on a particular matter.  A White Paper Writer can earn up to $72k per year.

This is our list of different types of Writing to Earn money online in 2021. Comment down below and let us know which writing you prefer the most. See you in our next blog.

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