Want to Make Money Online in 2021? We are sure that you have come across people who are making a full-time living by making money online.

9 Best Part-time Work to Make Money Online in 2021

Want to Make Money Online in 2021? We are sure that you have come across people who are making a full-time living by making money online. You might also be mesmerized by their lifestyle. We can’t blame you for the mesmerization part though. They have all the freedom to choose where to live, what to work on, and when to work. This is something not everyone is blessed with. Many of us secretly wish to enjoy such a lifestyle but we find ourselves questioning, “How to start to make money online in 2021?” You may have all the qualities required to earn money through various modes online, but not much of an idea of where to start. 

The best part of making money online is that you have all sorts of freedom to make decisions that impact your career. You can choose to work full-time or part-time as an online hustler. If you’re a student and still easily continue to balance your studies and earn hundreds of dollars simultaneously.  You can also be an entrepreneur who is looking for a full-time opportunity on the internet to take over his business online. That is the magic of making money online. It offers the possibility of you being anyone with great potential to make money online in 2021 over the internet. 

So, if you have really been asking yourself questions on how to get started with online money-making opportunities, please worry not. We keep updating our blog posts to bring the best money making opportunities at your fingertips so that you actually make money online in 2021.

This particular article will continue to describe the 9 Best Part-time Work To Make Money Online Today, that you shall find helpful to start your online career, especially in the year 2021. 

Let’s begin!

Freelancing or Consulting

Freelancing or Consulting work is without any doubt, one of the fastest routes to earn money online. You need to have specialized skills in a particular field to have people pay you for that.  Freelancing opportunities expect you to complete a task in a given time period with the desired work quality. It is a good option for those who are still learning new skills or have already mastered them.  There are many websites such as Freelancer.com that offer freelancing jobs in all the skill fields. Consulting work, on the contrary, expects you to offer guidance or training in a particular field. To be a consulting, you do need to have in-depth knowledge and information of a particular field, so as to offer your skills at the expertise level.

make money online in 2021

In demand Freelancing gigs – 

  • Content Writing
  • Programming
  • Sales Copywriting
  • App Development
  • Graphic/logo design
  • Website design and development
  • Video Production
  • Customer Service or Support
  • Infographic Creation

In demand Consulting work – 

  • SEO Specialist
  • Language Learning
  • Translator or Interpreter
  • Fitness or Nutrition Coach
  • Accounting or Book Keeping
  • WordPress consultant
  • Social Media Consultant
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Facebook Ad Consultant  

You can offer your consulting services over the phone or video calls through zoom or even in person. With Freelancing and Consulting work, you will have the freedom of working from your home, by utilizing resources present at home. You will have a flexible schedule and need not worry about spending all day with your gadgets.

However, to earn a decent amount of money from such gigs, you have to accumulate good skills and build a good reputation in the field. There are plenty of fish in the sea if you know what I mean. To earn that bread through freelancing or consulting work, you need to be the most competent candidate out there. 

Websites that offer Freelancing/ Consulting Work –

Digital Products

Digital Products are in great demand now. These products are considered a reliable way to earn money by many. All you have to do is create an informative piece such as an ebook, a member site, audio, a video course, or software. The creation of such pieces obviously demands product research, testing, development, marketing, and customer services. The entire creation process will take up a lot of your time and efforts, but will surely be worth it.  The silver lining is that you are in control of everything, starting from product price to profits. 

make money online in 2021

If you are successful in creating a digital product that has good reviews, there is no stopping you anymore. You can even recruit your own affiliates to promote your products. It is indeed a great way to earn potential income initially, which can then be shifted to a full-time source of income in the due course of time. This shall help you to make money online in 2021.

Physical Products

This might look like a very demanding way of earning money online, but it is worth all the profits that you are going to earn by selling physical products. It is obviously not as easy as creating digital products and will take a lot of effort. You can sell your own brand on the internet and get recognition for it. Every year, more and more people manufacture physical products to give their online business a physical touch. You may have seen gamers or you tubers selling merch or other clothing lines to promote themselves.

make money online in 2021

You may also have come across Instagram Influencers who have their own makeup line, which is super hit in the community.  It is a very well designed technique to brand your vision and create promotion along the way. People do earn great profit from it because of which we see people all around us selling physical goods. 

You can sell your products through two ways – 

  • Sell it through an already existing platform such as Amazon, Etsy or eBay
  • Establish your own Online store

YouTube Channel

We at PaisaWaisa, have paid a lot of attention to the benefits of creating a YouTube channel in our previous blogs. Starting a YouTube channel can be exciting and rewarding at the same time. You are literally granted all freedom when it comes to being a YouTuber. You can shoot, edit, and post videos on YouTube according to your own convenience. Although we suggest you be consistent on the platform with good content if you really do wish to monetize your channel soon. If you are in no hurry, take your time and discover what types of video you like to shoot.

make money online in 2021

Once you have gained a good number of subscribers in your channel, a lot of doors leading you to different journeys will automatically open. You can start selling your services or skills through digital products, or sell physical products too. You can create a special membership list and earn incentives from it. There are literally plenty of ways to earn money online through a YouTube channel. It is about time that your creative self gets the best of you. Utilize all the talents you have and learn new skills every day to become a successful YouTuber of your time. 


Blogging is a popular way of earning money online. It is, even after all these years, still exhibits great potential to earn money by infesting minimum money and efforts. If you are starting in the year 2021, we suggest you strategically plan before activating your blog site.

Select your niche carefully and target your audience. Start writing high-quality content that focuses on solving a problem. Be consistent. You can read our other articles on blogging to have a better concept of what to do as a Blogger. Monetizing your blog will earn you hundreds of dollars in some time, provided that your content is top-notch and your site drives a good amount of organic traffic every month. 

Advertising Networks

Selling space on your website, to an advertising network can earn you a good deal of money. You can always join an advertising network like Google Adsense for free and simply add their ads on the pages of your websites.

The ads will automatically complement your content niche and will earn you money, whenever someone clicks on them. This method is called Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and the earning potential offred by it depends on the number of clicks generated and advertisers’ budget in the industry. There are other models as well, such as CPM and CPA. CPM or Cost Per Mille networks pays for every thousand views for the ad on a website. However, the Advertising networks with the CPM model are very selective and tend to prefer high-traffic sites only. 

Some popular CPM Networks – 

Some popular CPA Networks – 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an easy way to earn commissions online by recommending and selling products for an already existing brand.

We have an entire section dedicated to Affiliate Marketing on our website. Here’s suggesting you go through each Affiliate marketing blog post to have an in-depth knowledge of what it is and what are the duties that you have to perform as an Affiliate. We have also listed affiliate marketing programs in our articles to extend our help to greater lengths.  It doesn’t matter what you do or what interests you, you can always find an appropriate affiliate marketing program to earn good commissions by promoting it in front of your audience.


Podcasting has become a popular trend in recent years. People prefer expressing their thoughts and expanding their brand through podcasts.

You will basically have your own online radio show, where you can talk about literally anything, and bring in guests too. You can earn money through podcasting, only if you get creative. Look for paid sponsorship, charge your listeners for a full subscription, or start affiliate marketing and you are good to go! If you can manage to create a massive community of listeners, you can absolutely do anything with that amount of audience. Although podcasting is generally used as an indirect technique of brand promotion, once monetized, it can yield great results for sure.

Kindle Publishing

Kindle Publishing is widely booming at the moment because of which it deserves a separate section, although it is basically a digital product.

With the rise of the internet and the improvement of connectivity modes, more people are switching to online books from physical books. The popularity is increasing each and every day, because of which we highly recommend you to publish an ebook on Kindle. If you have got a writer in you. Kindle publishing is the right opportunity that you have been looking for.  Look around you for inspiration and get creative. There’s so much you can write about. 

Here’s our list of 9 Best Side Hustles to make money online in 2021. Hope you have liked it. Do let us know which side hustle interests you the most in the comment section below. See you in our next blog!

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