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Need Tips on How to Start Content Writing?

Read the title? Don’t worry, we got you! Content Writing is an important skill everyone needs in their career at some point. Let me reveal to you every little thing about it. 

Firstly, Content Writing is the art of writing where you provide the relevant content for any website /blog /digital marketing purposes. I realize it sounds hard, but in reality, this isn’t the situation, if you are fond of writing. Personally, I feel that it’s an escape from reality. I can write what I want to, give my opinions and touch on them. When someone else reads it, it gives them an idea as to what kind of a person I am. The best part is that I can give my own perspective on things. It’s like my mode of communication with the world on the Internet. 

If you’re good at writing, trust me, you can even make a career out of it and earn a fortune as well. (I mean, look at me, I am writing content about content writing, you are reading it and I am even getting paid for it.)

Talking about the advantages of Content Writing, the written content is the most effective way to grab the attention of the audience on the Internet. So, whichever field you’re working in, if you can compose the right content, then you’ll be in the eyes of everyone. 

If you are stuck in the beginning, relax, it’s normal. I myself took a lot of time to figure out my writing style and niche. It’s a slow process, but you’ll get there. In fact, Content Writing is a consistent pattern of tracking down the ideal balance between passing on your message with a tint of your own touch to it, engaging the crowd, and drawing in a new audience. 

Did you know that out of every 100 people visiting your blog, 80 of them will read your headline copy, but only 20 will read the rest? So, now the million-dollar question is what you should do to grab their attention and stick them to your content. There is no secret formula for writing good quality content. What I do is research a lot about the topic I want to write on, and then just write whatever comes to my head keeping in mind the facts. But I think you should keep these few points in mind while writing. Don’t worry, I will brief them out for you.

  • Create An Outline Of Your Write-Up: It is the most important step for writing the best content, with proper structure, and organization. It will also avoid you missing out on any major points and speed up your writing process. 
  • Keep Your Content Entertaining: Keep your paragraphs short else it will seem boring. Make sure the content you write is light, snappy, and entertaining so that people stick to your content. It’s a great way to keep people coming back for more.
  • Use An Engaging Headline: Most visitors only spend 15 seconds reading a writeup before leaving, so your headline plays an important role. Give a gripping and engaging headline which grabs the audience’s attention.
  • Use Images & Statistics: 90% of the information transmitted to our brain is visual, so sprinkle some interesting and relevant images and visuals. Our brain is also receptive to numbers, so give some relevant statistics. (See what I did there)
  • Verify Your Sources: If the readers find some irrelevant or false information, you might lose their trust and credibility. So, research thoroughly on the topic, verify your sources and make it trustworthy.
  • Use SEO tools: You have to make sure of proper grammar usage and SEO tools to make sure your content is visible to a wider audience. Do good Keyword research and incorporate it into your content.
  • Use Humor and Quotes: No one wants to read a boring/monotone writeup, so you can use humor as your tool to write few quotable statements and grab the audience’s attention to your content. 
  • Write On Interesting Topics: Choose angles and trending topics that seem interesting to your target audience to grab their attention and make them stay longer on your page at their first glance.

Write what you love <3 

I hope this helped you get some idea about Content Writing and get the Tips. So make sure to use them when you write something up. Happy Writing 🙂

Rishika Tibrewal
Bubblish | Candid | Feminist.