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Looking for Google Task Mate Referral Code in India? Continue reading this. Google has recently launched its most awaited app, Google Task Mate in India which is available to selected users in the country.  With various other region-specific apps on the internet that allows people to earn money by completing some given tasks, Google Task Mate India makes sure to help the people living in India by providing similar or even better opportunities to the population. It has already been kicked launched in other continents such as Europe and the U.S and has been performing well amongst their population. 

One can easily download the Google Task Mate in India app from Google Play Store but can use it only by utilizing the Google Task Mate Invitation code.  It means that Google Task Mate India, for now, can be used by early access and google task mate Referral code system only.  Users can earn grand rewards by doing simple tasks such as clicking pictures near a restaurant or translating a sentence into a local language. The app discovers nearby businesses and so the Google Task Mate India user might need to visit their nearby departmental store or any other location to complete the given task associated with the business. The app has user-friendly features that provide information such as the estimated time required to reach a spot to complete a task and the amount of money earned for completing tasks.  The rewards are paid in Indian currency and can be easily redeemed from the user’s bank account directly. 

How does Google Task Mate India function? 

It is a user-friendly app that functions on a referral system for its new users as the app is currently in beta.  The user requires a Google Task mate referral code to access the features offered by the app.  The referral code can be earned only through the Google Task Mate Invitation code. 

Here are some Task Mate Referral Codes. Please note that each code can be used by 3 users only. If any code doesn’t work for you, try the other codes.


We will be adding more referral codes soon. Stay tuned!

The user has to make sure to use the Google Task Mate referral code as early as possible to avail the perks of being a user of the app.  

The App provides additional earning opportunities through crowd sourcing and uses data submitted by it’s users to improve mapping services and other business opportunities in the user’s local area. 

How to Get Started on Google Task Mate India? 

The user has to follow three simple steps to get started with the app right away.

1. Download the app from Google Play Store and log into it using a Google Task Mate Referral Code, which can be earned through Google Task Mate Invitation code only. 

2. After logging in, find interesting tasks nearby and complete them. 

3. Cash out the money earned through the task.

The user can select only those tasks that interest him.  The app categorizes the tasks as sitting and field tasks. It so might also happen that Google assigns the user a task at a random but the user has full freedom deciding whether or not to complete a task. 

How to Redeem Money in Google Task Mate India?

The user is required to link a Bank account with a third party payment processor.  By registering an e-wallet with the payment partner the Google Task Mate India app, the user can cash out the money in their local currency by clicking on the “cash-out” button on their respective profile page. 

Go ahead, look out for the Google Task Mate Invitation code, and finish your first task on Google Task mate by following our simple guide to the app.  Let us know about your experience on the app down below in the comments section. 

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