Earn Money Online by Reading Books – 11 Easy Ways to Earn by Reading

Have you ever wondered if you could earn money online by reading books?  The answer is simple, YES you can get paid to read books. In fact, these reading opportunities can serve as a legitimate side-gig or even a home-based long term career opportunity. The websites that we are going to talk about in this article can make your dream come true, obviously if you are a bibliophile and have dreamt of piles of books all your childhood. You get to earn in real cash or even get to keep the book that you are reviewing. 

What do you actually have to do?

You have to read a book, that’s it! You can review a book or two and earn real cash in return for your opinions. You can also narrate and summarize books to earn money online.

What are the Perks of an Online paid review job opportunity?

There are multiple reasons for one to start reviewing books and articles online.  You don’t only earn money online by reading books but also receive freebies such as books, e-books, etc in exchange for reviews. You can also start reviewing books in your own blog and earn additional benefits from it.  You can turn your reading hobby into a fully fletched, long term career by applying for various posts in the Book Publishing Industry. 

Some of the positions that you can apply for are:

  • Copy editor
  • Art Director
  • Book sales agent
  • Book Marketer
  • Book Salesman
  • Literary agents
  • Production editor

Go through the list of websites that we have created with extreme attention to detail and find the best opportunity for you.  We at Paisa Waisa, wish you all the luck for your future reading endeavors. Hope you find the best earning gig for yourself to earn money online by reading books. If you have any queries, let us know in the comment section below. 

For the love of books, let’s not waste any time further, and let’s get started with 11 ways to earn money online by reading books.


  1. Kirkus Media 

Payment: Around $50 per review.

Kirkus Media is in the look for experienced reviewers of English and Spanish language titles, to review for the magazine’s book review section specially dedicated to self-published authors. 

You can apply for a Book reviewer post by simply submitting your resume, writing samples, and list of reviewing specialties to Kirkus Indie Editor.

As a reviewer, you are expected to submit a 350 words review in a period of two weeks for books of all length.

  1. Booklist Online

Payment: $15 for an accepted review, $5 for a rejected review.

Booklist Online hires freelance reviewers to review as much as 8000 reviews per year. It is associated with the    American Library Association’s book review magazine. A reviewer has to review books and submit writings for about 175-225 words per review and can get it easily published by the Editor’s approval.

 You can send your resume and writing sample to the editor and join their team as a Book reviewer.

  1. The US Review of Books

Payment: There is no specific mention of the payment for each review. However, it is mentioned that the reviewers get paid monthly. 

As a book reviewer of The US Review of Books, you get to enjoy additional perks like the option of choosing the title of the book you wish to review and a time period of 2-3 weeks to submit that review. The review however must contain a summary of the book, insights of the book, and factual or objective praise or critique directed at the book in a length of 250-300 words per review. 

  1. Reedsy Discovery

Payment: Tips can range $1-$5 per review.

Reedsy Discovery is a part of Reedsy where self-published authors are supported for their work.  It is a marketplace for publishing professionals where the latest published books are available to be reviewed and recommended to readers.

You can easily join their reviewing team by filling out a form. This is one of the best websites to earn money online by reading books.

  1. Online Book Club

Payment: $5-$60 per review in addition to a free book which is to be reviewed.

earn money online by reading books

Authors all over the world use the Online Book Club platform to publish their work and get honest reviews on it.  As a newbie to their team, you will not get paid initially but with experience, you get online paid opportunities at your doorstep.

  1. ACX

Payment: Varies per assignment.

Amazon’s ACX is on the lookout for freelance voiceover actors who are paid on a per-project basis for every e-book or print they narrate. With the rise of the popularity of audiobooks, narrators are in great demand. If you are someone with a clear voice and perfect enunciation, this opportunity is surely the best way for you to earn money online.

The joining process is easy and takes only a few steps. Head to their official website for more information related to earning opportunities as a narrator at ACX.

  1. Wellesley Centers for Women

Payment: Payment inquiries should be sent to the given email addresses on their official website. 

It has been more than 35 years that Wellesley Centers for Women has been conducting its famous “Women’s Review of Books”. Their program wishes to draw attention towards in-depth, high-quality reviews based on personal experience, organizational, and discipline-based research.

Applications to their program are accepted on an ongoing basis. You just have to submit your resume, cover letter, samples of published reviews along with your pitch including the book’s publication date and your angle to the mentioned email address on their official site.

  1. Publishers Weekly

Payment: Viewers are paid an honorarium.

earn money online by reading books

Publishers Weekly are mainly in the look for copyeditors and editors continuously.  The website rarely posts job opportunities for book reviewers. So you have to keep checking in with their official website to grab the opportunity. 

Publishers Weekly is used by self-published and new authors to get noticed easily. The website is considered to be a great training ground for freelancers and fresher.

  1. GetAbstract

Payment: Varies per assignment.

earn money online by reading books

As the name suggests, getAbstract will pay you to write abstracts or summaries of books and articles into a 10-minute read.  They periodically hire freelancers to write and earn a reasonable amount of money online through that.

The easy registration process and earning opportunities make getAbstract one of the best online sources of income for readers.

  1. Publisher’s Marketplace

Payment: Varies per assignment.

earn money online by reading books

Publisher’s Marketplace is an online site that offers the best reviews to published professionals in addition to good deals and packages. You can get yourself registered as a reviewer through their official website and start enjoying the perks of their packages. 

You can earn money by reviewing different listed books every week.

  1. Writerful Books

Payment: $10-$50 per review depending on the length of the book and the quality of review.

earn money online by reading books

As a new reviewer, you will start your reviewing career at Writerful Books without being paid for it. With experience and improved skills, you will soon start earning good amounts for reviewing books.

We hope you have found our article helpful. These websites shall surely help the reader in you earn money online by simply doing the thing he loves. If you still have not found the perfect reading opportunity for you, do comment down and let us know. We are always happy to help. See you in our next blog. 

Happy reading!