earn from your hobbies

Earn From Your Hobbies | 5 Ways to Make Money Online Using Your Hobbies

Do you wish to earn from your hobbies? Each one of us possesses some unspoken talents, either we are too shy or looking for the right opportunity. So if the latter is the case with you, the opportunity you were waiting for has come to find you. Did you actually ever thought that one day you will be earning a decent amount of money from those talents? If not, then this is the time to do so.

earn from your hobbies

Let me introduce you to certain ways of making the most of your talents. Once, you are done reckoning your special skills, scroll down, and estimate how you may put them to work. With these simple ways, you will not gain popularity but also make some money and no doubt a lot of appreciation for your knack. Here are five ways to earn money online as an artist


Are you one of those great personalities with a great eye for art, then you are looking at the most befitting job for you? Art has been a part of our society since medieval times and with the passing years, its appreciation has only grown. There were times when most artists had to live a struggling life and some of them had to leave the path because of the circumstances but gone are those days, one of the magnificent features of growing technology is that now may begin your own business right from the scratch. So if you love sketching and painting with the help of the internet you can take this ability to yet another level by starting a business.

Earn From Your Hobbies | 5 Ways to Make Money Online Using Your Hobbies

Over the internet, there are lots of people who are looking for budding artists to surprise them with new inspirations and different styles of artworks every day. One of the prominent ways to make money online in India is to sell your breathtaking artworks to these people and gain some experience cum exposure to the world out there. This is a great way to earn from your hobbies.

How to get started?

The key to establishing a business, especially when you are trying to sell something is to popularise your product as much as possible and we all know that in today’s world people don’t gain much popularity through newspapers or Television as compared to social media. So that’s where you should begin to embark on your beautiful journey.

  • Create a Page on Instagram or Facebook for your artwork.
  • Circulate it among friends 
  • Start a YouTube channel 
  • A contest in online competitions

These ways will assist you earn money online as an artist.


Music is something which always touches our hearts. It has the ability to spin your mood and of course, it brings out the dancer in each one of us but nowadays we believe in digging deeper and today music is not only a source of entertainment but much more. It’s our trusted assistant during a frequent soul searching, an emotion evoker, and whatnot. Other than this lately music has begun to be known for its therapeutic effects too and another way to make money online in India. This is an amazing way to earn from your hobbies.

Earn From Your Hobbies | 5 Ways to Make Money Online Using Your Hobbies

If you are actually one of those blessed souls who have an infinite love for music and understand it to the deeper meaning then this my friend is the most fitting job for you and also a great opportunity to earn money online as an artist. Along with the understanding of music if you play any instrument then you can always create some exclusive tunes of your own and sell it online, showcasing you mesmerizing talent.

How and where to begin?

Well as any other online job, genuine music creating a job is hard to find but not impossible, you just need to have the right amount of faith and confidence in yourself. So I suggest if you are new at this create a sample of what the employer should expect from you and begin by 

  • Posting on social media
  • Posting on websites like www.indeed.com 
  • Beginning a website of your own

Grab hold on to this ultimate way to make money online in India and portray your embellishing skills.


Blog writing something which I think doesn’t need much introduction as it joined the club of popular trends. Apart from scribbling don’t proms and short stories blogging has become a real thing and a popular technique to make money online in India. Well, all have grown up hearing that ‘ A pen is mightier than a sword’ and probably have experienced the power of words at some point in our life. It was always believed that the best way of influencing someone was through writing take the example of our holy scriptures those are some impressive writings by ancient authors that have such an influence over us that we still believe the words written in them.

Earn From Your Hobbies | 5 Ways to Make Money Online Using Your Hobbies

There is no doubt that writing a powerful sword and if you own it then trust me the game is yours. If writing is what you love, this is a great way to earn from your hobbies.

So let’s start by what blog writing is?

It’s basically a strategy of spreading information or in some cases voicing one’s opinion. In this, you may write have to write blogs on a particular topic, current scenario, or just your point of view on life and other things. Hence, it serves as an impeccable opportunity to earn money online as an artist.

How to get started?

You begin by

  • Creating your own website
  • Creating your own page
  • Signing contracts with pre-existing websites
  • Starting with blogging sites and apps like Wattpad

Have you always spent killing your time by making creative things like photo frames, jewelry, and cards and they have just ended up just consuming a great deal of space at your home? Well, this is yet another method to make money online in India. People in India have always appreciated the use of handicrafts, though went astray for a while, by ditching plastic goods we have found our way back to the good old hand-made items and hence, the increasing demand for these handicrafts have set their market pretty much higher as compared to earlier. While the people are looking back to their traditions and realizing a card held more emotional values than an email sent just by a click, this would serve as the most appropriate chance for you to earn money online as an artist. This is a great way to earn from your hobbies.

The increasing demand has brought in increasing possibilities for you to start up a career. With lots of companies looking out for fresh and unique talents to support and fulfill their needs. Why wait to gather all the crafts piling up at your home. Let them gain some recognition and crack a deal for whatever you think it’s worth.

How to sell crafts online?

  •  Start your company online 
  • Make your own website
  • Approach companies which do the same 
  • Create a Page for popularizing your product

It’s common knowledge that food is the way to a person’s heart, nothing in this world can change that. For some, food is meant only for survival, for others, it’s something to be enjoyed. Whether we agree or not at times food is the only thing that can make us happy. It may grandma’s good old recipes or the modern culinary tactics but food has its way of impressing people. If you are someone who loves cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, it’s the pertinent time to bring your mouth-watering recipes beyond the four walls of your kitchen, into the world filled foodies. 

While food had already become a part of this online industry my placing orders and getting delivers, you can still earn money by just sharing your delicious recipes with the hungry public out there (pun intended). Food is probably the only thing which doesn’t have to be tasted or smelled to arouse a craving rather one sight of an overwhelming dish is enough to make us crave that particular dish. 

How to sell recipes online?

The best way is to 

  •  Start a YouTube Channel
  • Start a website
  • Contact companies associated with food marketing
  • Create a social media page

While following these hobbies, it may have never come to your mind that you can actually make an earning through these but it’s true you can with the above-mentioned methods. Whether your strong point is writing, cooking, creating crafts, creating musical notes, or sketching you can make out a living through it online by just have little faith and patience. Your talents define you and make you stand out from the crowd so don’t run away from it rather own it and let people know you for what you are.

Always believe in yourself, if you do it will help you reach the zenith’s height. As I said earlier don’t wait for the time to be right because it’s never going to be, don’t beat yourself because of what others think of you. You are one of a kind and deep down you know it so makes this time yours by showcasing your that hidden super-powers which we commonly refer to as talents, irrespective of what the world may think. I hope this information has been helpful for you to embark on a journey you always wanted to and make something out your those unspoken talents. We hope this post helps you earn from your hobbies.