Busting the Deadly Blogging Myths

Starting a successful blog sounds intimidating and a little scary, doesn’t it? You see bloggers making money online and want to do the same! But how do they create such popular blogs?

Starting a successful blog, it turns out, does not have to be tough. Believe me when I say that blogging, like anything else, is something that anyone can learn and do. Blogging misconceptions, like any other misconceptions are not true at all, yet people spread them. Its time, we clear them out for you so you can take your first step to blogging.

  • If you aren’t seeing immediate success, you’re not good at blogging: Not gonna lie, blogging is a little painful at the start when you won’t get enough traffic, comments or shares as there as thousands of people posting blogs all around the globe. But as go ahead, you’ll learn how to strategize to market your content. They key to success at blogging is consistency and patience.
  • You have to post blog on an everyday basis: Don’t just post a blog everyday and burn yourself out. It may happen that you get tired of publishing such regular content or the quality of your content reduces, which will ultimately affect your traffic. So instead, decide a schedule that suits you. As long as you’re on the right track, it doesn’t matter if its a blog per week or 2 per month. Just be consistent and focus on your strategy to acheive success in it.
  • Starting a Blog is Expensive: Hold on, this is the most common myth I’ve ever heard about blogging. Trust me when I say that you don’t need to buy all that you read about on some blogs. Its understable that you don’t want to spend much on it in the start. After all, you won’t start earning the very next day from it, so I get it. All you need is a blog host and a domain name to begin with which are available at affordable rates. To know more, read 7 Best Blog hosting Platforms.
  • You have to write really long blogs: If you’ve been following our page, you must have noticed that we post short blogs as well. No one is really interested in reading long, monotonous, tedious blogs all the time. The reader might lose interest in your content if it’s too long and you’ll lose traffic. The key is to use SEO tools and related keywords to get the traffic. If you want a detailed blog on SEO, do comment down, we’ll come up with one for you soon.
  • Blogging doesn’t earn you good money: Definitely, at the start, it won’t. But once you get into it, you’ll learn how to use it to make good money. Read 7 Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2021 for more.
  • You’ve to be a Good Writer to be successful: Don’t worry, you don’t need an English degree to be a blogger. You also don’t have to be good at grammar or spellings. You may be thinking, “Hainnn, what?” Actually, there are several websites available on the Internet which can correct your grammar and spellings. What is more important is that you can convey your message to your reader and teach them something useful. That being said, if you want to improve your writing talents, check out Need Tips on How to Start Content Writing?
  • You’ve to be on Every Social Platform: Just because there are multiple social media platforms available, that does not mean that you should have an account on each and every one. The million-dollar question, though, is: in which social media platform your target audience is present? Strive your hand at the most popular platforms, but do whatever you can do to minimise the burnout.

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Rishika Tibrewal
Bubblish | Candid | Feminist.