Best YouTube Tips 2020 to Start a Channel Today

2020 has come to an end. You are still wondering whether or not to start a YouTube channel. 

This article shall surely motivate you to start your own channel today itself, no matter which year you are reading this blog. 

Since you are reading this blog, it is safe to assume that you do have a desire to start your own YouTube channel soon. But you need a push. With thousands of YouTubers out there, it is scary to enter a new platform with such high competition. You will start from zero whereas others in the same niche have reached millions of views. Let us make it clear, you won’t be YouTube famous within a day or a month. It will take time depending on your content and consistency. All you need is a good strategic plan and some motivation to get started.

We will give you the best tips to start a YouTube channel today from our very own experience. If you are someone who has been reading our blogs and watching our YouTube videos, you will know what we mean by ‘experience’. In this blog post, you will find the fundamental tips for starting a YouTube channel the correct way.

So without wasting any time further, let’s get started. 

Here are 12 Best tips to start a YouTube channel today. Happy Reading!



If you are scared of starting a YouTube channel, and you are thinking of all the competition out there, let me stop you right here. It is for sure an overwhelming decision but there’s actually nothing to be scared of.  YouTube is not some complex calculus sum that you won’t be able to solve. A perfect strategic plan and some good quality content should put you on the right track as a beginner. With time you will gradually learn what type of content is well perceived by your viewers and what isn’t.  You will grow organically and will eventually have the confidence to create the best type of content for your channel.



There’s no point in waiting for the right time to start your own channel on YouTube. Every single hour, large numbers of people are joining YouTube. This means that the more you wait, the more competition you have as a beginner. Go press the record button and do whatever you want to. YouTube appreciates people with all sorts of talent. You will be acknowledged over time. Do not waste another second waiting for the perfect opportunity to start your YouTube career.



The YouTube algorithm loves consistency.  Consistent content will engage your existing viewers more and attract new ones as well. The more you create, the more you get noticed. We suggest, make a weekly schedule and execute on your channel accordingly. Let your viewers know when your next new video is scheduled to be uploaded. 

Engagement is an important factor for your channel’s growth. Do not expect your channel to grow by uploading just one or two videos in months. 


To be honest it is a personal choice. Some people upload twice a week and some four times a week as well. You should make this choice by analyzing your niche and making use of YouTube analytics. See what works the best for you and your channel. Create a plan and stick to it. let your subscribers know about your upcoming videos. Engagement is the key.



To succeed in something you have got to love what you do.  Enthusiasm and talent should go hand in hand. Let’s assume that you are a terrific singer but you don’t enjoy singing. You record a video and put it on a YouTube channel. You’ll be able to fake enthusiasm for a certain time. After a while, you’ll be tired of singing in front of a camera obviously because you don’t love doing it. It isn’t something that you are passionate about. Your viewers will easily sense your lack of enthusiasm easily. 

It is important to know your passion and pursue that. Even if you don’t have the talent for it, you can always learn and grow. Viewers won’t invest any energy watching videos in which the creator himself isn’t hyped up for the theme. To begin an effective YouTube channel you must have a real enthusiasm for the subjects you wish to cover. It is one of the fundamentals you must know before starting a channel.



Not everyone is going to tell you this, but it is an essential step to choose a channel name and a username wisely. You should spend some time coming up with a memorable name for your channel that will describe you and your channel the best. Analyze every aspect before selecting the perfect name. Check its accessibility on all social media platforms so that you are able to benefit from all the platforms and bring in more subscribers to your channel. Even if you are not active on every social media platform in the first place, it is important to ensure that no one is taking your perfect username meanwhile. Be selfish and keep it safe for yourself.

One of the perks of being an individual in times of technological advancement is the fact that you find a website for all types of needs. You can utilize websites that will ensure your username is safe and isn’t accessible to anyone else other than you. Namechekr is one such website that you can utilize to confirm the username on all social media platforms.



Let me get it straight, Quality is the king.  Your viewers are looking for high-quality content out there. You need to focus on it in order to grow exponentially on YouTube. The better the content you put on your channel, the more engagement you create and the more views and subscribers you get.

The quality of your videos is extremely important in the long-run. You are not expected to shoot videos with the most expensive equipment, but you are indeed expected to learn to shoot the best videos possible with whatever equipment you own. Never complain that you don’t have the right equipment and there’s nothing much you can do about it.

We recommend you to use natural light to your advantage. Learn new editing skills if required. You can always put in efforts and bring out the best in you. Not every famous YouTuber had expensive equipment in their initial days. They have all grown through days of struggle and extremely hard work and so will you.



Your videos must rank well during a search by the user so that your video is visible to more viewers and you get to earn more subscribers. That’s how you grow on YouTube, simple right? It is obvious that the viewers are more likely to watch the videos which are found right on top of the search results. That is why you need to properly optimize every video you upload on your channel.

Maximize your utilization of YouTube SEO.  Be an effective user of YouTube SEO. You need to focus on the right keywords for your content. Try to use low-competition keywords since it’s simpler to rank for them. When people will use YouTube search for such particular keywords, your videos will rank higher on the list.



The first thing that your viewer is going to notice is the thumbnail of your video. This is the reason why you need to spend some time creating one patiently. Make sure that your thumbnail summarizes the video well or it is smart enough to catch the immediate attention of your viewers. Established YouTubers make sure to pay attention to their thumbnails. Some of them also pay others to design specific, professional looking thumbnails for them.



Call-to-Action (CTA) is a powerful digital marketing technique that focuses on viewer engagement. It is an excellent way to interact with your subscribers and your viewers. Introduce yourself and address your loyal viewers in the introduction part of your video. In the end, ask them to like and subscribe for more content from you. You can also ask them to comment and let you know what they want to see you do in your next video. Connect with your viewers as much as you can. Make them feel homely. This is how you create a community of loyal fans.



Collaboration with other YouTubers is a wonderful way to expand your crowd. Make sure that you collaborate with people whose content is relevant to yours so that your subscribers, as well as theirs, do not feel lost.  Together you can create an epic video where you engage more and more people. You can also make use of other social media platforms to advertise this effective collaboration.

It is an excellent solution to high competition on YouTube. Instead of competing, you are collaborating with your competitors and making use of their YouTube presence. What a brilliant way of handling problems, right?

How to connect with others for collaboration?

For such collaborations, first, try to build an authentic relationship with the video makers. Appreciate their work, like and subscribe to their channel and make sure to let them know all about that. You can also approach them on other social media platforms for your efforts to be noticed at a faster rate. Once you feel you’ve built a relationship with the creators, pitch them your idea of collaboration. 



Learning is essential for every occupation. You can grow only if you keep learning and developing new ideas based on it.  Just make sure not to copy anyone. When you see something you appreciate such as a video execution, an intriguing introduction, try to discover how you can do the same for your own videos. You need to gather valuable information from other video makers and use it as your own by adding your personal touch to it. This way you get to figure out what works for others and if it does the same for you. Always stay creative. Try being inspired by different video makers. Learn new skills accordingly and execute the best video you can.  



It is important to pay close consideration to YouTube Analytics. By properly utilizing all the YouTube analytics metrics, you can optimize the monetization of your channel and know how to grow faster on YouTube. You can check out our blog, “YOUTUBE REVEALS HOW CREATORS MAKE MONEY“ for a detailed explanation of these metrics. 


You can use YouTube analytics to draw a better image of your viewers. You can gather information like socioeconomics and the age of your audiences. Likewise, you can observe the watch time and other details such as if there’s any part of your video that has been rewatched by your viewers or if viewers are watching only the initial 5 seconds of your video. You will get an idea of what is well received by your viewers and further make changes accordingly. It is a healthy practice for a YouTuber to regularly use YouTube Analytics and develop better content based on the provided information.

We are confident enough to tell you that the above mentioned best tips will surely make you an effective YouTuber. Make sure to follow them from the very beginning. Focus on what intrigues you and create high-quality content on it. Engage more and collaborate with your competitions. Use all the available help, such as YouTube Analytics to make the best out of your talent and hard work. Be consistent and start with a plan. 

We at PaisaWaisa, wish you all the luck for your YouTube career. If you still have doubts and want us to write more on YouTube and its features, comment down below and let us know. We are always very happy to help our readers.

See you in our next blog!