Are you looking for Best Online Jobs for Students 2020? Being a student in a country like India is surely not the easiest thing on Earth. Indian schools and universities put a lot of academic pressure on their students because of which there’s very little or no time at all for them to go out and work part-time jobs to earn some extra cash. Lack of job opportunities for students is also an alarming problem faced by many students across the country, which demands immediate attention.

It is obviously frustrating to ask for money from your parents when you are 21 and still living with them. The only solution that you can come up with is to make money online. With technological advancement and the growth of various websites & social media platforms, it is easy to find a decent online job in India. There are numerous online job vacancies listed every day that will pay you a good amount of money for your work. Some of such jobs also offer flexible timings, enabling you to work and study simultaneously without letting work pressure hamper your grades. These online jobs are definitely a real deal for you regardless of the fact that whether you are an enrolled student or a passed out student looking for new opportunities.

 Now, the real catch is what are the best online jobs for students? First of all, to be eligible for such jobs you need to have certain skills other than your academic background. It is important to invest time in learning new skills every day. You can find such jobs only if you have trending skills that will highlight your resume. In addition to skills, you also require good personality traits that shall bring out the good professional qualities in you.

To help you find online jobs for students, we have curated a list of 9 Best Online Jobs for Students in India. You may find the right online job for yourself in the list that will resonate the most with your set of skills and personality. So go ahead and read the entire article to find out which online job suits you the best. If you do not find the best online job for yourself in the list, do let us know in the comment section below. We will surely try to help you out in our next blog.

Let’s begin.


Social Media Managers are expected to maintain a brand’s or a company’s social presence across all social media platforms. If you have a background in marketing or business beforehand, this online job will be a piece of cake for you. Even if you aren’t from such a background, worry not. You are required to have Digital marketing skills in addition to other skills such as communication, written, and creative skills, which you can easily learn from YouTube videos or online courses on Udemy. As a student, you can make a schedule and take out a time sloth between your classes to socially market the brand that you are working for. Many Indian companies are in the look for Social Media Managers who can handle all the responsibilities with ease. There is a great demand for individuals with social media marketing skills. You can always learn if you do not have the required skills already.


This online job is perfect for students. You as a student, get an opportunity to learn and teach topics that you are interested in. You can work on your coursework and earn money at the same time. Such a job will also enhance your academic resume if you choose to pursue higher studies after graduation. Many websites are hiring online tutors for demanding subjects and skills every single day. You can utilize your academic background to the fullest in online tutoring jobs. You can tutor children and even adults depending on their tutoring capabilities.


Graphic designing is a profitable market for students who specialize in Adobe creative cloud. If you are someone with a creative mind, you should definitely put some thought into being a graphic designer.  You will be paid well to create visual content that can communicate a message to its viewer. It is an in-demand skill that has good income potential. We highly recommend it to students who love being creative from time to time. No better way for you to earn money right?


best online jobs for students.

Even though almost everything is digital these days, there are many people who are incapable of editing videos. If you are someone who loves editing videos for fun, you should start working as a video editor for people across the country. You can make montages, or edit vlogs or Instagram reels for your customers and earn accordingly. You need to keep an eye on the latest trends and learn new skills to put awesome content out there every now and then. The better your editing skills get with time, the more people will want you to edit their videos.  Find a balance between studies and editing, the rest shall be fine. 


best online jobs for students.

Blogging is one of the best sources of income for students. It provides an indefinite potential of income. You can easily start earning money by monetizing your blog. All you need to do is select a niche of your interest and a decent blogging platform, and then start writing content for your blog. With so many websites in the market, it is very easy to start a blog these days with no initial investments at all. As a student, you can start earning by writing your heart out in your blogs. 


best online jobs for students.

If you enjoy being in front of a camera, you can consider starting your own YouTube channel. There are numerous students across the globe who earns a living via YouTube. They simply record their university or school lifestyle or help others by uploading videos on educational topics included in their coursework.  You can literally make videos on anything that you are enthusiastic about and upload it. Just make sure to create quality content to grow on YouTube. You can make use of YouTube analytics to easily monetize your channel and start earning money soon.


As a freelance writer, you will be paid to write content for brands that are to be promoted by Social media managers. You are expected to bring out a vision by creating a masterpiece in words. There are numerous websites on the internet such as Freelancer.com that offer nice deals to freelancers at high rates. You can register on one such website and start freelancing by playing with words. You can easily manage a load of your studies and content writing as you get to choose your own projects and work timings. It is an excellent online job for students. This is one of the best online jobs for students.


best online jobs for students.

You can start freelancing as a transcriptionist by simply listening to audio recordings, and further writing them down to extreme accuracy and details. You will be paid better for the skill as you start typing at a faster rate. There are numerous sites on the internet looking for transcriptionists. You can apply to these sites and start earning soon. Another best online jobs for students.


best online jobs for students.

You can try finding an online assistant job if you are an organized and motivated individual and particularly enjoy organizational activities.  You as a Virtual Assistant have to schedule meetings and conferences, handle social media accounts, and execute website work. You will be paid generously for your skills. You can enjoy the flexible timings and focus on your studies at the same time.

With just the right combination of skills and talent, you can earn extra money as a student in India. There are multiple brands that are searching for fresher and are willing to spend on them. If you do not have the required skills for a particular online job, please do not get nervous. You can enroll in an online course and master a particular skill within the span of a few days. The Internet has literally made our lives easier than ever. 

Online jobs can also act as a medium of escapism for you from the normal daily boring student life routine of yours. You can experiment with different skills and find out which one you enjoy the most. 

For more such money-making related content and even more best online jobs for students, keep coming back to our blogs. You may also read our previous blogs on other topics of the same kind. Happy reading peeps!

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