16 YouTube Alternatives to Make Money Online

16 Best YouTube Alternatives to Make Money Online

Are you looking for the Best YouTube Alternatives? YouTube has definitely turned into a common fad with every other person jumping on to the bandwagon, it has taken over the entire game with people quitting their 8-4 jobs and becoming full-time YouTubers.  With the increasing affinity for YouTube comes the increase in competition, because there are already some pre-existing popular YouTubers out there who are working on the same content you wish to work on, you’ll have to burn the candles at both ends you make your content gain popularity.

That being said if you are looking forward to becoming a content creator, here are some websites like YouTube which help reap the maximum benefits of your content.


It is a video sharing platform available in 25 languages worldwide. It basically stands as a clone to YouTube, with all the features acquired by YouTube like playlists, recommendations, etc. Here not only can you upload but also discover content you aspire for live or on-demand. It is a platform offering video- makers the freedom to share their content with the world and connect with an aesthetic audience anytime you wish for.

Why opt for Dailymotion over YouTube?

  • Fewer ads
  • Fewer Restrictions
  • Good Filtered Video 
  • Worldwide Audience

Yet another video monetization place to showcasing your hidden talents, one of the best YouTube alternatives it provides a great opportunity to all the video creators around the world to launch and produce a sustainable cum profitable video subscription service. 

Why choose Uscreen over YouTube?

  • Easy to upload and organize your content
  • You set your price
  • You can customize your own theme
  1. VIMEO

One of the most pertinent website like YouTube, this American based video sharing and the website provides subscription plans for video creators. Its main focus is on creating high – definition videos. It also has a pre-existing software for video editing and broadcasting.

Why prefer Vimeo over YouTube?

  •  You can upload a new version of the video without losing stats
  • There are no ads
  • Great users community
Source – Tech Crunch

I am sure all of us are familiar with this YouTube alternative and today we probably cannot imagine a world without Facebook. Beginning with a social networking site it has expanded its reach over WhatsApp and Instagram. As goes the saying the “Older the fiddle, sweeter is the Tune”. Try your hand at some good old ways of creating videos.

Why opt for Facebook over YouTube?

  • One of the popular websites
  • Easy to use
  • You may find followers easily

Twitch is an entertainment app that allows millions of users to come to live, host videos, and share their content with an enthralling audience to appreciate your content. A website like YouTube allows you to share, host, and create entertaining videos and chat with other users.

Why  choose Twitch over YouTube?

  • More viewers
  • More recognizable 
  • Distinguishable layout and format
  1. IGTV
Source – Hancock Creative

Instagram is known to be more of a photo-sharing application but recently Facebook has extended this arena to promote video creation on IGTV or Reels. One of the most popular ways of video creation and a great YouTube alternative, it literally stands out as you can attain the benefits of both video-sharing as well as photos and manage your own profile at the same time.

Why use IGTV over YouTube?

  • You can restate the voguish content by giving it a new life.
  • Host Q&A session
  • Develop aspiring demand for content
  1. VEVO

Here is an impressive YouTube alternative, Vevo is an American video hosting site with options to create an exceptional music video. It’s is one of the trending sites with tons of music videos being streamed and created every day. If creating music videos is your gig then this is your ultimate website like YouTube with some additional features for enhancing the quality and efficiency of the videos created by you.

Why prefer Vevo more than YouTube?

  • Good music content
  • More popularity
  • Exceptional features

Are you looking for a YouTube alternative to create an online course? Then, this will come to you as a silver lining. This particular website offers you a great platform to market and sells online courses. In this era when our education is sustaining only on online education, this is the perfect website to make your skills and capabilities public knowledge.

Why to choose Thinkific over YouTube?

  • Quick response time
  • A good way to get started
  • Customer-friendly service

Looking for websites like YouTube, here it is Metacafe a video sharing and hosting platform. You can post genre-specific entertaining videos here. A rare sight that provides shared knowledge of its viewers to improvise the streaming quality and boost the entertaining aspect. An amazing platform to upload shared videos, it also pays uploaders for their original videos.

Why choose Metacafe over YouTube?

  • Zero negative content
  • Genre focussed
  • Popular platform
  1. DTUBE

An abbreviation for the decentralized tube, this literally a YouTube alternative, have the pleasure of making, sharing, and hosting videos on this YouTube clone with an addition of certain new features as compared to YouTube, it takes video streaming to yet another level. Here you will find videos with great layout and exclusive content.

Why take DTube as an YouTube alternative?

  • Ad-free
  • No censorship
  • Fair platform
  1. TED
Best YouTube Alternatives

Do things often get out your hands then a TED talk is what you need, you may spend most of your time watching animated motivational videos on YouTube but seen no results here I introduce you to the magic of TED, a website which helps you get real with life and expectations and make yourself a better individual. This is one of the Best YouTube Alternatives.

Why to replace YouTube with TED?

  • More realistic content
  • More effective
  • Nicely crafted
  • Inspirational
  1. VEOH
Best YouTube Alternatives

Are you in search of websites like YouTube to watch movies and shows? If so, this is the best website to watch your favorite movies and shows. Unlike YouTube, it provides you high-quality content to stream and is a great source of entertainment. Watch all the latest movies here and have a great time with your family and friends. This is one of the Best YouTube Alternatives.

Why choose Veoh over YouTube?

  • Vibrant community
  • Different video layouts
  • Access to popular shows and movies
Best YouTube Alternatives

Yet another top video streaming platform with an infinite number of interesting content and has an amazing library stacked with all the latest movies, shows, and other videos along with original shows. Originals launched by this particular website is currently in good demand, so why go ahead and replace your old boring series with some new upcoming must-watch shows. This is one of the Best YouTube Alternatives.

Why prefer Crackle over YouTube?

  • Impressive library
  • High quality
  • Free streaming
  1. 9GAG
Best YouTube Alternatives

If you are fond of creating and streaming short videos, this platform suits you the best. It is flourished with short videos, Gifs, images, stickers, memes and is solely meant for entertainment purposes. This is the perfect replacement for YouTube if you are bored with scrolling down the same old page, don’t wait to book a ticket to your fun ride.

Why should you replace YouTube with 9Gag?

  • More entertainment
  • Less ads
  • Free streaming
Best YouTube Alternatives

This is one of the known photosites, which also has a must-try feature of uploading and watching 90 seconds videos. It allows you to download videos. This is one of the Best YouTube Alternatives.

Why choose Flickr over YouTube?

  • You can join a vibrant community
  • Expand knowledge of videography and photography
  • Gain exposure
  1. HULU
Best YouTube Alternatives

Looking for a YouTube TV alternative? Here it is Hulu provides amazing content, videos, movies, shows, and whatnot. Enjoy your favorite shows and good old and latest movies. Hulu makes all this just one click away, download the app, sit back, and relish the awesome content it offers.

Why choose Hulu over YouTube?

  • Good library
  • Great video quality
  • Exclusive content
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Great story layout

These are some of the websites like YouTube which can change the face of video hosting and live to stream, let’s change add up a little bit of spice to the current trend. In our day to day life, all we are looking for is to stand out in the crowd and making a decision not follow the present trend of turning into a YouTuber rather creating a trend of your own by making space in society through one of the above-mentioned platforms will help you achieve that particular goal. 

YouTube has gained a lot of attention these days, turning almost into the most popular platform for video sharing, streaming, hosting, vlogging, blogging, and a lot more. But these above-mentioned alternatives to YouTube have some great additional features which can take your videos to the optimum level. I hope this article has made you familiar with all the best options out there, then what are you waiting for go grab your phone or laptop log on to your favorite website and start creating some amazing content.