12 Apps to Make Money Online in 2020

Hello there, are you tired of not being able to take out some extra time to dedicate to your side hustle? Worry not! These 12 Online Money Making Apps will definitely help you earn some extra cash within a few minutes of your busy schedule. We are sure that you can earn a few more bucks on these apps without having to do too much. All you need to do is manage to take out 5 minutes or more from your busy schedule and that is it.  Easy, right?

These cash making apps are legit. You will be paid through PayPal for doing easy tasks such as playing games online. You will also be entitled to additional benefits as 100% cashback on your own purchase. 

These apps are nothing but promotional acts of different companies to get more users for their apps or websites. They are willing to pay customers for doing so, making it easy for people like us to earn money online in the process.  Through detailed research and hours spent on the internet, we have shortlisted 12 Best  Online Money Making Apps that you can consider to earn some extra cash in 2021. The list has probably the best apps for earning easy money online, both for Android and iPhone users. Some even have an alternative to the app, that is a website, making it easier for users to log into it from any source.

Before we start please note: 

Some of these apps are location-specific. It may not be available in your respective country.

So let’s get started, shall we?


apps to make money online

Swagbucks is online money-making an app that will help you earn money by simply watching videos, playing games, using other websites and so much more. You will receive a $10 bonus as a new user and if you do decide to make it your internet browser, you will have the opportunity to earn something between $25 to $50 by simply taking surveys and doing other tasks. 

Swagbucks also provides its users the opportunity to earn unlimited money depending on the user’s usage. If you are someone who spends a lot of time over the internet, this is the best app for you.


apps to make money online

HealthyWage is an app that will help you earn money while you lose weight.  Yes, you’ve read the sentence correctly.  The app offers up to $10000 for a bet on your weight loss journey. You can participate in solo as well as group challenges and motivate others to lose weight as well.

The app makes getting fitter fun, effective, and a source of income as well.  If you are someone who is planning to get in shape, you can consider joining HealthyWage.

Their base weight-loss objective is 10%. By joining HealthyWage’s 10% Challenge, you could earn upwards of $300 if you manage to drop 10% of your body weight in 6 months.


apps to make money online

With 4.1 ratings on GooglePlay, Mistplay continues to be one of the best online money making apps for people who are interested in gaming. In addition to cash prizes, you will also get gift vouchers for well-known brands such as Amazon, iTunes, Nintendo, and Xbox. 

Even if you are not much of a gamer, you can always play video games in your leisure time to earn some incentives.

Although it is a loved app, it has some technical issues that were complained by the users.


apps to make money online

Nielsen will pay you $50 per year to just keep their app on your Smartphone or tablet. You will basically be a part of their web research, which will utilize your device’s data to determine your demographic location.  The app will study the type of websites you visit and try to understand the user – internet relationship. 

The app won’t take much of your storage space and you can easily earn by simply visiting different websites of your own preference.


apps to make money online

Acorn will help you save money for your future by putting aside a sum of money or a specific amount from each purchase you make. You can consider joining Acorn if you have already started planning for your retirement.  

The app is easy to join in addition to having an outstanding reputation amongst other accessible contributing apps. As a new user, your Acorn’s account will automatically receive $10 as an information exchange bonus. 


Rakuten is the renamed version of Ebates that offers cashback deals, savings, coupons, promo codes, and amazing rewards for your online shopping endeavors. You can join Rakuten for free and earn $5 as a welcome bonus. Great, right?

They offer 750+ online stores and have reputed brands such as Nike, Gap, Sephora, Microsoft, and many more. You can also earn money from cashback deals on travel, accommodation, and car rental, when on a vacation.


As the name suggests, Google Opinion Rewards will pay you to take surveys on a wide scope of interesting expected ideas. The best part is that you don’t have to spend much time on the app. You can take the survey according to your own convenience and finish it within a few minutes. You will be paid in installments via GooglePay or PayPal.

Share your opinions freely and get paid. 


iPoll app will help you earn money by simply taking online surveys and reviewing products. If you are someone who is not scared of sharing opinions, iPoll is for sure the place for you to be. You can share all sorts of opinions on different products and earn rewards.


apps to make money online

You can convert your pictures into money by selling them to popular brands on Foap.  You can sell your photos through Foap Market at Foap.com as well to top brands through Foap missions.

 Foap is partnered with Getty Images and others for the distribution of content.  All you have to do is create your own web portfolio for buyers and create the best content out there.


apps to make money online

Sweatcoin is an app that pays its users for simply being active. It uses a viable business model that promotes sustainable physical activity behavior amongst the population and has claimed to have observed a 20% increase in physical activities of its users because of its rewarding schemes. 

It is ideal online money earning app that will help you not only to earn money but also to stay physically fit. You can convert the Swaetcoins to cash or reclaim merchandise and ventures. The decision is yours to make!


apps to make money online

OfferUp is a big marketplace where you can sell and buy old products starting from books to clothes to appliances. To get started, click good pictures of the product, add a description, and set a price for it. 

It is similar to Craigslist and eBay but what makes it more special is that it allows you to sell your goods in your own local market first and also throughout the country.


apps to make money online

Slidejoy will pay you to see promotions on your screen saver, every time you check your phone. You can choose to see more ads by swiping pr unlock your phone for other purposes. Cool, right?

Slidejoy doesn’t demand extra time out of your hectic lifestyle. You simply earn by viewing ads for some seconds.

You will be legitimately paid via PayPal and you get to decide whether you keep the cash or donate it to one of SlideJoy’s cause programs.


We have mentioned only 12 Best money making apps amongst hundreds of apps out there. With different apps being released every single day, there is a good chance that there might be some other app with better features and earning opportunities. If we come across any such app, we will surely update the list for you.

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