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10 Best Chrome Extensions Every Blogger Must Have

Looking for the best Chrome extensions to help you speed up your blogging duties and get more done in less time?

If you answered yes, then this blog post is for you. When you download these extensions or apps, they are integrated into your Chrome browser. These apps are accessible with the touch of a button. The best thing is that they’re free and they will make your work easier, better and efficient. In this post, we are here with the top extensions we recommend every blogger to have. 

  • Grammarly: Making grammatical errors in your web material can jeopardize your credibility. We feel Grammarly is necessary since most customers find language and grammatical errors intolerable. Everyone, no matter how superb their language skills are, makes mistakes from time to time. Grammarly may help you avoid this by checking your grammar and spelling. It examines the content and highlights areas for improvement for a better English writing experience.
  • Adblock: Are you tired of Ads popping up every time you open a page? With this extension, you can say goodbye to all those annoying ads. It will definitely improve your browsing experience and increase your efficiency. 
  • WhatFont: If you want to improve the look of your website, one of the first things you should look at is the text color and font. Visitors like reading readable text on a blog. So, how can you recognize fonts used in blogs or websites? WhatFont provides information about the font you see on a web page.
  • SEOquake: Don’t get me started on the importance of SEO for your blog. It takes a lot of effort to keep your blog on top in today’s Internet environment. SEO is vital for any website, but keeping up with continually changing criteria can be difficult. SEOquake can assist with making SEO-related activities easier.
  • MailTrack: Email marketing is one of the most effective kinds of digital marketing today. If you use Gmail, you should give MailTrack a shot. It enables you to recognize incoming messages and determine whether or not emails you have sent have been read. This is a wonderful solution for those who receive a high number of emails each day. MailTrack provides daily monitoring reports, line tracking, reminders, and a slew of other useful tools.
  • StayFocusd: Do you ever find yourself browsing viral websites when you should be working? Peeking at Facebook updates and Tweets are enjoyable pastimes, but not when you have pledged to complete some work. With StayFocusd, you can say goodbye to procrastination and increase your productivity. This allows you to stay focused on your work by decreasing your time spent on distracting websites. You can allot a certain amount of time each day to peruse these websites. After this time has passed, you will no longer be able to access these sites for the remainder of the day.
  • Panda: Staying ahead of the competition is becoming increasingly difficult, which is why you must stay up with industry news and seek inspiration everywhere you can. Panda is a clever extension that functions as a newsreader. It curates the best information connected to your interests so that you can be informed and inspired. Once installed, choose your industry and areas of interest, and you’re ready to start. Panda allows you to view numerous sites at the same time, personalize tabs, bookmarking choices, amazing search capabilities, and provides distraction-free content.
  • Hunter: It is an email finder tool that provides you with the email addresses of people behind any website to contact, as well as their names, phone numbers, job titles, and even social networks in a small-time. All of this information is backed up by public sources, which are available in search results. 
  • LastPass: LastPass is a must-have Chrome extension if you have trouble remembering passwords and are frequently locked out of your accounts. LastPass is a free password manager that allows you to securely remember and manage all of your passwords in one place while also making it simple to log in to your accounts. For LastPass, you only need to remember one “master password.” It will keep all of your unique passwords for each site in a safe vault. It offers a great level of security. Even the LastPass team does not have access to your LastPass Vault.
  • Buffer: Social networking is an excellent tool for reaching out to your target audience and spreading the word about your blog. However, wasting all of your important time posting and engaging on social media is a complete waste of time. That is why it is critical to plan out your social media posts. Buffer makes it simple to publish and schedule your social media posts across several platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, with a single click.
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